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Joan L. Roth, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist For Anxiety Disorders and Mood Disorders



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Welcome. I am a PhD level clinical psychologist practicing on the upper east side of New York City. I specialize in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for anxiety disorders, for mood disorders, for general stress management, for bereavement and for relationship issues. Please look under the heading Therapy Process for a description of CBT. I work with adults throughout the lifespan, from early adulthood through older age. Through this website, I hope to provide you with enough information to make an informed decision about the type of treatment and the type of clinician best suited for your needs.

My treatment involves using scientifically tested techniques in a professional atmosphere of warmth, mutual respect and flexibility. For many people, the work of treating anxiety and depression evokes images of deficits and weakness. My work has shown me that it is essential to focus on each person's individual strengths in the development of successful treatment plans. My goal, of course, is to eliminate or greatly alleviate suffering and symptom level. In addition, I work to send each person off with a plan for relapse prevention, a sense of meaning about their experience, a way to store painful episodes of their life and increased resiliency for the future.

I recognize that everyone's situation is unique and make every effort to understand all aspects of one's life in order to reach an accurate diagnosis and deliver highly personalized treatment that maximizes your chances of success.

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